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Soft tissue adhesion release, anti-inflammatory and CNS relaxant.

Acupuncture is a useful tool in the world of sports medicine and orthopedic pain relief. The needle can access deep layers of fascia and muscle tissue without causing the pain of working deeply into the tissue. Useful post surgery for scar tissue release in places such as the knee, hip and spine. Effective trigger point or "knot" release. Found to be a natural anti inflammatory in not only the area of insertion but system wide.

Fascial unwinding

This therapy can be utilized as a deep tissue release, for lymphatic drainage and for softening the appearance of wrinkles and cellulite.

Musculoskeletal bodywork

Designed for long lasting pain relief and muscle pattern correction.



Sirona Spring in Hudson hours:

Monday: Closed

Tuesday: 10:30am - 2pm

Wednesday-Thursday: 9am - 2pm

E/O Friday: 9am - 12pm

Saturday: 10:30am - 2pm

Sunday: Closed

Ellsworth Office hours:

Monday: 8am - 2pm and 4pm - 7pm

Tuesday: 4pm - 7pm

Wednesday: 4pm-7pm

Thursday: 4pm-7pm

E/O Friday: 8am - 2pm and 5pm - 7pm

Saturday-Sunday: Closed



Betsy J. House
Licensed Acupuncturist

Betsy House is Licensed and NCCAOM certified acupuncturist practicing in western Wisconsin. She graduated from Southeast Technical of Red Wing, MN with her AS in Massage Therapy in 2009. After 3 years of working in the integrative health field Betsy returned to school for the next 4 years to complete her undergrad and obtain a Masters degree in Acupuncture at Northwestern Health Sciences University in Bloomington, MN in 2016. Sports therapy and chronic pain relief are her specialties as a by product of the last decade practicing massage. Betsy now offers blended style treatments with acupuncture, electro stimulation, deep tissue massage, cupping, scraping and kinesiology taping for repatterning of the body. She is also passionate about pediatric care, being a mother herself and has a special interest in prenatal and perinatal care for mom and baby. Traditional chinese medicine has much to offer to support families to help promote their well being. Lastly, Betsy has a special interest in treating chronic gastrointestinal issues. Traditional chinese medicine is a great support system for chronic and acute GI conditions to help moderate symptoms.

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